How To Store Your Camping Gear For Winter?

How To Store Your Camping Items For Winter?

As the camping season is comes to an end, you would be probably planning to pack up your camping equipment. Most of the people do not bother to clean their equipment before putting it all into storage.

It is important to clean up your camping gear, especially camping burners to make sure they remain in tip top condition until the next year and don’t begin to rust or get clogged up. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the useful tips for packing your camping items in winter.

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Do not choose garage or shed for storage

  • Many people think that garage or shed is the perfect place for storing the camping gears. However, you should never choose this place as there is always a risk of damaging your expensive camping gear.
  • If you do store them in a garage or shed, then the mouse or other small insects can damage your equipment by tearing them. So, do not choose these places and choose a safer place in the house, where mouse or other insects cannot reach out easily.
  • Moreover, you should regularly check the area where you have stored the equipment to make sure no animal has entered that area.

Clean the equipment

  • When you return back from a memorable camping trip, you will find out that most of the camping gears are extremely dirty and needs washing as soon as possible.
  • Camping gears such as tents and camping stoves are regularly used during the camp because of which they are the dirtiest equipment.
  • In order to clean the tent, you should set up the tent for the last time before putting into storage and thoroughly clean it. You should make sure all the dirt has been removed from the tent before storing it.

Dry clean the sleeping bags

  • Sleeping bags must be dry cleaned before storing them in order to prevent any damage. If you are not using the sleeping bags for a longer period, then they can mildew easily. So, dry clean the bags and store them under your bed.
  • Sleeping bags can be used during Christmas or in case a guest has visited your home. So, storing the sleeping bags under the bed is the perfect location as you can easily take them out in case you want to use them.
  • If you have pets in the house that crawl under your bed, then you should store the sleeping bags in the cupboard.

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Inspect your cookware and clean it

  • Before storing the cookware, you should inspect it and if you find any crustiness in the pot or other utensils, then you should clean it. A little crustiness in the pot will keep on increasing day by day, thus affecting the life your kitchenware. So, thoroughly clean your kitchen ware including Coleman powerhouse stove before packing them.

These are the four useful tips for safely storing your camping gears in the winters. However, there is some camping equipment, which can be used throughout the year. Only few people are aware about the multi-use of such equipment. So, let’s have a look at some of the major equipment, which can be used in camping off season too.

Camp chairs

  • Camp chairs offer great sitting comfort during the camp. The best part about these chairs is that they can be easily folded and stored in the cupboards.
  • You can also use the camp chairs in the bedrooms or living room for increasing the sitting capacity. These chairs come in different designs and colors. So, before making a purchase, you should make sure that the chairs you have selected match your room design.

Air mattresses

  • Most of the campers do not leave for the camp without an air mattress. Air mattresses are ideal equipment for camping as it allows you to enjoy a peaceful sleep during the camp.
  • These mattresses can also be used in the home, whenever a visitor or guest visits your home. Air mattresses do not occupy a lot of space, thus they should be stored in the cupboards.

Camping stove

  • Camping stove is one of the best means of cooking and heat during the camp. These stoves can also be used in emergency situations for preparing meals. The best backpacking stove can also use alcohol and can be used in case your gas burner is not working. You can easily use this stove for preparing a meal for the whole family as it offers a great heat level, which allows you to cook food quickly.

Sleeping bags

  • Some people have a habit of sleeping in the sleeping bags rather than sleeping on the mattresses. Sleeping bags are quite comfortable, which allows the people to sleep with maximum comfort. So, you should store the sleeping bags under your bed as it will be easy for you to take it out during the night.

Headlamps and flashlights

  • It is very difficult to survive during the camp without headlamps or flashlights. This camping equipment allows you to move around the camp area in the night as they are responsible for illuminating the darkness.
  • Headlamps and flashlights can also be used in the house during the nights or in case the power has been shut off. You can use this equipment for moving around the house or finding other important things in case of dark conditions.

These are some of the commonly used camping equipment, which can also be used for household purposes.

Final Conclusion

You must follow the four tips mentioned above for packing up the camping gears and safely storing them in the winters. However, you should store the multi-use camping equipment in cupboards or drawer for easy use.

In order to get the most out of the multi-use camping equipment, you must buy the best models in the industry. You should consider the customer reviews, especially the backpacking stove reviews because it will help you to find out the best model available in the market, which offers great performance and maximum durability. You should not hesitate in spending a little extra on this equipment as they can be used throughout the year.

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