The Best Reasons to Go Camping!

My List of the TOP Reason to Go Camping Today!

Camping is just not about tents, get- together or giggles. It is way more than that because campfires will double your entertainment. There are many reasons to love camping. Let’s have a look at few important reasons, which will force you to plan a camping trip as soon as possible.

Better breathing

When you leave for your camping trip, you are going far away from the city life. Since, you are away from the city; you do not need to suck polluted oxygen anymore because the oxygen near the camp area would be quite pure. Since, you are having pure oxygen; you will feel good, which will lead to better health and happiness.

Involves physical activity

If you are too busy in city life that you are not able to devote time for your fitness, then you should plan a camping trip. Heading out for a camping trip will not only double your enjoyment, but will also help you to take part in the physical activity, which is quite beneficial for your health. Even if you have planned the most comfortable camp trip, the physical activity involved in it would be quite more than a full day at home.

Makes you happy

During the camp, you need to team up with other members to accomplish a certain task. For setting up the tents, preparing meals or finding resources, you need to team up with the other members and work as one group for better results. Cooperating with other members will lead to happiness because the oxytocin as well as serotonin levels will be boosted up.

Camping can be romantic

A camp trip not only includes a lot of thrill and adventure, but it also includes love. During the camp, you can easily devote your precious time to the one you love. nature, cooking or adventure. Devoting time to your love will definitely bring a huge smile on your face and give you a memorable moment for the lifetime.

Find friends

If you are alone in the crowded city and are fed up with your busy city life, then it is the perfect time to plan a camp trip in order to forget the state of being alone. During the camp, you will come across different crazy members that will fill your life with joy. It will not only help you to make new friends, but will also make you feel better for a long period as you will not be alone anymore.

Connect to nature

During the camp, you would come across different unseen insects, living trees and many other creatures. In short, you can easily connect with different nature aspects, which will just make you happy.

Build a healthy body

In the city life, people often miss their meals for junk foods. However, you would not be able to do the same during the camp because there are limited numbers of sources of cooking such as hiking stoves during the camp, which cannot be used for preparing hamburgers and other junk food. You can only cook light stuff that has an appropriate amount of protein, minerals, nutrients and vitamins in it. Skipping the junk food for a few days and eating well cooked food will definitely help you to build a healthy body.


Sunlight includes vitamin D, which is quite helpful for keeping the skin healthy. During the camp you will be spending most of your time in an open area, which means your body will intake more vitamin D. Spending a day under natural light will not only help your skin to be healthy, but will also keep your body system away from the seasonal effective disorder.

Health benefits

While heading out for a camp trip, you will be staying away from the work pressure and stress for a few days, which will affect your health in a positive manner. Every morning you wake up during the camp, you will feel better as you will not be bound with any work deadlines. So, in order to take a break from your stressed life and spend a beautiful time, you should definitely plan a camp trip.

A new experience

Planning a camping trip totally pays off. You will not only enjoy every single moment during the trip, but will also be benefited once the trip is over. After a successful camping trip, your body would be totally relaxed and healthy, which will help you to give your 100% in work. Giving 100% to work will not only help your organization or business, but will also help you to proceed ahead in the life.

Beautiful memories

Last but not the least, during the camp you will come across with some precious moments, which you can capture with your camera. You can easily store some amazing memories in your camera, which will help you to re-live the moment in the future, whenever you remind of a camping trip.

With such huge benefits, you might have started planning for a camping trip in the coming weekend. However, a camping trip can prove out to be tiring and pathetic, if you do not take proper precautions. So, let’s have a look at some precautions to be taken before leaving for a trip in order to make sure your trip do not get spoiled:

  • You should carry best gas stove along with you for preparing meals and fulfilling all the cooking demands.
  • You should carry proper clothing, safety and personal equipment’s with you. The more equipment’s you carry along, it would be easier to stay during the camp as you can easily deal with major difficulties.
  • You should first plan a complete camping trip before leaving. Without planning, you will not be able to get the most out of the trip. So, you should plan each and every activity on the trip and carry proper equipment’s for it.

You must consider these important points before leaving for a trip as these points will help you to enjoy the camping trip without any major difficulties.

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