Camping Myths

Camping Myths and Truths

If you are planning for a camping trip, then you must pack essential equipment to avoid difficulties during the trip. You can take help of internet, magazines and other sources for planning a camping trip. However, while looking for the camping tips, you will come across several camp myths. You must be aware of these myths because if you believe in it, then you might find yourself in serious trouble during the camp.

Two persons can stay in a tent

It is quite difficult for the persons to stay in a tent unless they are under the age of 8 years. If you want to stay with your partner in a tent, then you should purchase a medium sized tent. While looking for a tent for two persons, make sure it has separate doors because it will help you as well as your partner to get out of the tent during the night without disturbing the other person.

Sleeping naked will keep you warm

Sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is colder than sleeping with clothes. During the camp, the nights will get colder day by day and if you sleep naked, then the chances of getting sick are very high. So, you should at least put on a trouser and a T-shirt before going for a sleep.

Limited food options are available

With the coming up of camping stoves, you do not have to eat boring food during the camp. You can use the stove for different meals. These stoves do not have the same heating level as of gas burners, but still are better in preparing different meals. The best part about these stoves is their easy portability. Check out our article on the best alcohol stoves that are super lightweight and easy to carry.

Hiking boots must be purchased

Hiking boots are avoided by most of the people heading out for camping because running shoes are far better than it. Running shoes stay cool even in hot conditions, dry out quickly and make sure no blisters are caused to the user because they are much softer than the hiking shoes. So, it would be better to purchase running shoes than hiking shoes before leaving for a long expedition.

Waterproof hiking shoes are best in keeping your feet and socks dry

Waterproof hiking shoes can keep your feet and socks dry for a limited time period only because the coating applied to these shoes keeps on degrading with every use. So, rather than paying a huge price for waterproof hiking shoes, you should spend that money on buying the best backpacking stove because you can use the heat released from the stove for drying out your socks.

Backpack rain covers are best in keeping your bag dry

You must avoid purchasing backpack rain covers if you wish to stay away from major difficulties. These covers usually get lost and ripped in heavy rains. Trash compactor bags on the other hand do a pretty good job in keeping your bag dry in the rain as they do not get damaged easily. Moreover, these bags are less expensive than a backpack rain covers.

Sleeping naked will keep you warm

Tent footprint is essential for protecting the tent floor

You do not need a footprint anymore because the new tents available in the market come with waterproof floors. So, you should not waste your money on buying a footprint and use it for buying some essential camping equipment.

4 season tent is essential for camping in winter

4 season tents are made up of superior quality material and can be used for camping in any season. However, 4 season tent is quite expensive and can’t be afforded by all. Three season tents are not at all costly and also work well in winters well as the other seasons, which make it a better option for the people who cannot afford 4 season tent.

Biodegradable soaps can be used for washing in streams or ponds

  • No matter whether you are using biodegradable soaps or other soaps, you should never get any soap in streams or ponds from washing your clothes, hands or cleaning camping equipment.
  • Moreover, if you get soap in any water source, then it will become difficult for the aquatic inhabitants living in the water source to survive because the amount of nitrogen will be too high.

Compass and maps are no longer required

  • With the coming up of smart phones and GPS devices, many people do not prefer to carry compasses and camps. Smart phone as well as GPS devices runs on batteries and during the camp you will not be able to charge the batteries.
  • Smart phones and GPS devices are far better than compass and maps, but you cannot be dependent on them all the time. At a certain point of time, they will run out of batteries and in such cases you need to use maps and compass.

These are some of the camping myths, which must be known by every person before leaving for for the campaign. If you wish to enjoy your camping trip and stay away from major difficulties, then do not follow the myths mentioned above and keep the important tips mentioned below in mind:

  • Do not compromise with the quality of camp stoves because it is the only mean of cooking and heat. Moreover, you should carry an additional stove because if one stops working during the camp, then you can use the additional stove for preparing meals.
  • Cleanliness is quite important during the camp as it will keep you away from infection and other diseases.
  • You should try to stay as close as possible with your group because a group can handle a critical situation better than an individual.
  • Last but not the least, you should remain cautious, especially during the nights because the animals might visit your camp area and cause harm to you. If you stay alert, then you can help yourself as well as the other members from the visit of the animals.

These are some of the important tips, which can help you to stay away from major difficulties during the camp.

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